Chris Hanson has since become synonymous with Perverted Justice, thanks to NBC's popular caught on camera series To Catch a Predator

Chris Hanson has since become synonymous with Perverted Justice, thanks to NBC’s popular caught on camera series To Catch a Predator

If you remember the show To Catch a Predator, the Dateline spin-off hidden camera series hosted by Chris Hanson, then you might be familiar with an organization called “Perverted Justice.” The group’s mission is simple: to aggressively pursue online sexual predators, document their encounters with these predators, and expose them to the online community.

The group formed as a grassroots organization in 2003. Noticing an alarming number of adults attempting to engage in inappropriate conversation with young teens in chat rooms, the group began as an effort to pro-actively expose these predators. The group has no official ties with law enforcement, but as of April 2016 the group is celebrating the conviction of 300 potentially dangerous sexual predators thanks to their efforts.

Their method of exposing these predators is a relatively simple one. Using the mechanics of the internet to their advantage, some of their 18+ volunteers pose as younger teens and the predator does the rest. Believing that the person they are speaking with is as young as 13-years-old, it doesn’t take long before the predator begins asking the Perverted Justice decoy questions regarding their sexual experience and the conversation evolves from there.

All of their chat logs with these predators are available through their website. Most of these chat logs are very long and incredibly graphic. Users of the site can also “vote” on who they think the biggest scumbag is, on a scale from 1-5, and they maintain a top 10 list. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

A man calling himself “fleet_captain_jamie_wolfe” began a private chat with a Perverted Justice volunteer going by the chat handle “sadlilgrrl,” whom he believed was only 13-years-old. At first he seems genuinely concerned for the girl’s well being, but it’s only a matter of minutes before he begins entertaining the idea of making the girl his “sex slave.”

fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (2:33:52 PM): No, I am planning on writting for a week here.
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (2:33:54 PM): Maybe more.

sadlilgrrl (2:33:57 PM): oh wow
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (2:34:14 PM): So do you like the thought of me training you as a sex-slave for me?
sadlilgrrl (2:34:23 PM): yes
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (2:34:31 PM): Does the thought make you wet?
sadlilgrrl (2:34:47 PM): a little bit
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (2:35:17 PM): Oh? Good… And, you do understand that if you do come, you will be fucked & I may start training you for anal sex, along with other service.
sadlilgrrl (2:35:57 PM): ive never tried that
sadlilgrrl (2:36:00 PM): does it hurt?
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (2:36:06 PM): I know, but I will go slow with you.
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (2:36:13 PM): It can if I do not go slow.

sadlilgrrl (2:36:24 PM): okay. whatever you want.
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (2:37:04 PM): Good girl… Are you waiting to see if you can come over? A bit excited about it, a bit scared, & horny?
sadlilgrrl (2:37:09 PM): yes
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (2:37:28 PM): Good… I bet you cannot wait for your first spanking from me, either…

The offender, fleet_cpatain_jaime_wolfe, turned out to be a man named Paul Short. As a result of the chatlogs submitted to law enforcement by Perverted Justice, Short was convicted and sentenced to two years felony sex-offender probation.

Also among their top 10 “most slimy” is a man going by the chat name DavieWants2. He reached out to the Perverted Justice team, believing he was corresponding with a 14-year-old boy.

DavieWants2 [2:10 PM]: id rape YOU if i ever got YOu alone kid, its what i like to do to bois like YOu, so better U dont email, i like YOU
SnapShotDeath [2:10 PM]: i can play rape if u buy me stuff i swear
DavieWants2 [2:11 PM]: why do YOU say that YOU are not liked, i liked YOu almost immediately boi. YOU will do fine , go make some friends
SnapShotDeath [2:12 PM]: i like u 2 so i dont get it
DavieWants2 [2:13 PM]: well kid, it s like this, im a perv and i like to find vulnarable bois like YOU
SnapShotDeath [2:13 PM]: i dont get it
DavieWants2 [2:14 PM]: well ,dont worry about it just be thankfull i like YOu and hope YOu find happiness
SnapShotDeath [2:14 PM]: i dont get it like u would kill me?
DavieWants2 [2:15 PM]: well , it happens boi
SnapShotDeath [2:15 PM]: huh?
DavieWants2 [2:16 PM]: what YOU think , this world is safe and innocent boi, wake up read thepapers
SnapShotDeath [2:16 PM]: u kill peeps?
SnapShotDeath [2:16 PM]: i dont get it
DavieWants2 [2:17 PM]: internet is too porous, but i have …..
SnapShotDeath [2:17 PM]: y u are nice i dont get it
SnapShotDeath [2:18 PM]: i like u

DavieWants2 [2:19 PM]: yeah im reel nice, ive dont long time and i hate the world, how can i be nice kid??
SnapShotDeath [2:19 PM]: huh?
DavieWants2 [2:20 PM]: just dont obsesse with guys, get out and find a nce girl and forget YOU ever herd from me

MSNBCPJImplicating that he may have lured young boys to their deaths, the Perverted Justice team immediately handed this information over to law enforcement. The chatlogs were briefly removed from the website at the request of police until their investigation was finalized. The perpetrator, Michael Coffey, was determined to have been “role playing” and could not be linked to any murders within his home state of NY. Though since he was carrying out this fantasy role-play with someone whom he believed was a minor, he did receive a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of children.

There are many more stories like this available through their website. The team has since evolved into the larger “Perverted Justice Foundation,” a non-profit organization that seeks to educate teens of the dangers online and runs a network of anti-pedophilia websites designed to expose pedophile activists and to denounce companies who have actively worked with known pedophiles. The organization still is largely comprised of vigilante volunteers, and are willing to accept any civilians who would like to help their cause and strive towards their vision of making the internet a safer place for children to navigate.