It’s almost Halloween and the staff here at Sword and Scale have been celebrating the season by bringing you spooktacular content all month long, coming to a frightening conclusion with one of the worst stories we’ve ever covered here on Episode 78. Though the episode is currently only available to Patreon supporters, we thought we’d get our fans into the holiday spirit by looking back at five of the most terrifying stories we’ve covered that some of our newer listeners may have missed and our older listeners may want to listen to again with the lights off.

Episodes 33 & 34 — Luka Magnotta


It would seem that there would be nothing that could stand between Luka Magnotta and fame, even if that meant killing to get there. It would take a team of animal rights activists and concerned internet sleuths to uncover the depths of Magnotta’s depravity, but by then it was already too late. Tune in to find out what it took to bring one of the world’s most narcissistic killers to justice.

Episode 66 – Ricardo Lopez


Join Mike Boudet as he investigates a series video diaries that would later gain a cult following on the internet recorded by Bjork stalker Ricardo Lopez. In these raw and unfiltered vlog-style videos, Lopez not only reveals his sinister plot against the Icelandic musician, but also shows us that even monsters are human.

Episode 5 & 6 – Johnny Gosch


As one of the most famous kidnappings within the United States, the Johnny Gosch case continues to fascinate people from all walks of life. Prepare to be sucked down a dark rabbit hole with this two part episode that discusses all facets of the story, including Noreen Gosch’s quest to find her missing son and the conspiracies reaching to the highest echelons of society that continue to surround this mysterious case.

Episode 20 – Ronald William Brown


This episode is the stuff of legends among existing listeners, but be warned, very few could make it through the whole show. Mike digs deep into the story of the former Christian Television Network puppeteer who was later found guilty of child pornography charges and soon learns that the story behind his conviction was even more disturbing than anyone could ever imagine. Tune in and prepare to be immersed in the creepiest story we’ve ever covered here on Sword and Scale. Smiley face.

Episode 62 – Jenelle Potter


When online feuds get taken out into the real world the results can turn deadly. In this episode Mike explores the story of Jenelle Potter and the online world that she created in order to exact her revenge against those who slighted her.