It’s was a mystery spanning across 22 years. In 1995, four people were savagely beaten to death at a hostel in China. The victims were later identified as a guest named Mr. Yu, along with the couple who ran the hostel and their 13-year-old grandson. Witnesses claimed that they had seen two men check in shortly before the murders with accents suggesting they may have been from the China’s Anhui province. Police believed the murder to have been at random and with little other clues the case quickly went cold.


There have been several attempts to revive the case throughout the years, most recently in June of 2017 when DNA samples found at the scene were submitted for testing. After comparing 60,000 fingerprints currently in their police database to those found at the scene, police finally tracked down two suspects who they believe may know something about those murders.

A man identified with the last name Wang is currently being held for questioning, while a second suspect has made a full confession.

At the time of his arrest, Liu Yongbiao told police, “I’ve been waiting for you all this time.” According to police, Liu and Wang had killed Mr. Yu in a robbery attempt gone wrong. Realizing the hostel owners and their grandson may have witnessed the murder they, in turn, murdered them to cover up the crime.


Liu had been employed as a writer, famous for a romance novel which was later picked up by television executives for a 50-episode series. At the time of his arrest, Liu had a semi-autobiographical series in the works about a female writer who evades capture by police after committing a grisly murder. One of the novels would have been titled The Guilty Secret, with the second in the series set to be titled The Beautiful Writer Who Killed.

Before police took Liu away he handed a letter to his wife. According to police, the letter was a full confession of the murders. One line read, “Finally I can be free from the mental torment I have gone through for so long.”