When boxing coach Ramon Sosa’s wife set out to find a hitman-for-hire in order to “take care” of her husband she had no idea the man she was talking to turned out to be a friend of Sosa’s. The plan would later blow up in Lulu Sosa’s face when the hit turned sour and instead of killing her husband, the would-be hitman and her former husband teamed up in order to work with law enforcement.


Sosa was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail, “Unwittingly, she had approached a guy called Gustavo, to see if he could organise the hit, without realising we were friends.” Sosa goes on to say that he and Gustavo met through his gym and he had coached him. While Sosa admits Gustavo had a troubled past, he was working to turn his life around when he received the call asking him to murder his former coach. When Gustavo told Sosa he needed to speak with him because he “wanted to kill him,” Sosa thought it was a joke.

Married in April of 2010, Sosa says his marriage to Lulu was a sham. Using him as a means for citizenship for herself and her children after immigrating from Mexico, Lulu continued to use Sosa for money and a stake in the gym the couple shared together. As their marriage began to fall apart, Sosa says she began attempting to take out life insurance policies on him and embarrassing him to friends by claiming Sosa had abused her and had a drinking problem, going as far as to stage photos where it appeared that Sosa had been passed out in a drunken stupor by posing him with alcohol bottles, KHOU reports.

Learning of his wife’s plan, Sosa and Gustavo decided to come up with their own plot in order to collect evidence against Lulu and see to it that they would get the last laugh. Gustavo agreed to wear a wire and record conversations between himself and Sosa’s former wife planning out the hit. They then took this information to police.

The FBI and the Texas Rangers later stepped into the investigation and helped Sosa stage his own murder. Using special fx makeup and a camera, it appeared that Sosa had been shot dead, left in a shallow grave in the Texas desert. With her soon-to-be ex-husband out of the way, Lulu would have obtained full ownership of the gym as well as any of Sosa’s other assets. Instead, she found herself in handcuffs and a pair of prison blues after an undercover agent showed Mrs. Sosa the photos of what appeared to be her dead husband, to which she only laughed and offered the agent $2000 worth of jewelry for the service.


In a statement made to ABC Chicago Sosa says, “As a victim, my life will never be the same. And as the person that committed the crime, their lives will never be the same. Their family will never be the same.”

Mrs. Sosa was tried for the foiled murder-for-hire plot. In an attempt to avoid a death sentence, Lulu Sosa agreed to plead guilty. She is currently serving just 20 years in prison and is facing deportation upon her release.