Whether consumers are purchasing bottles as gifts or as spirits for holiday parties, it should come to little surprise that alcohol sales spike between the months of November and December. Many companies look to cash in by offering special seasonal-centric products and simply making sure that store shelves are fully stocked. One family-run California company, however, kicked off the holiday season with some devastating news. Burglars had made off with the vodka distillery’s entire stock.


According to ABC 7, 1,800 gallons of vodka packed in bottles that at one point had been stacked to the ceiling were taken from the Fog Shot vodka distillery located in Los Angeles. The company’s Art Gukasyan told reporters that it appeared the culprits were able to cut through locks in order to access the 9,000 missing bottles valued at $280,000.

Three weeks prior to the theft, Gukasyan says that a man was spotted on surveillance footage crawling around on the roof after slipping through barbed wire barriers. Two accomplices were also spotted on the video. Gukasyan believes the culprits were the same individuals. No items were taken from the distillery at that time.

Unfortunately, Gukasyan says there is no footage of the individuals breaking into the distillery since the company only has cameras on the roof to ward off copper thieves. While the company is hurting from the loss of profits with their inability to stock store shelves, Gukasyan is optimistic that the culprits will be caught.

“At the end of the day these guys who took the product didn’t know what they were doing because you really can’t do anything with that product,” Gukasyan was quoted as saying in a report from Fox Q13. “You can’t go to stores and sell it. You can’t be taking it across the, out of the border, selling it to tourists elsewhere or take it across state lines because there is constant tracking of this. There are barcodes.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Los Angeles Police Department.