A majority of us here are guilty of indulging in fast food from time to time. We all have those days where we’ve had a long day at work or running errands and don’t have either the time or the energy to prepare a meal for ourselves, so we do the next best thing and pull into the drive-thru. Sure, we know it’s bad for us and most of the time the food doesn’t taste nearly as good as the commercials make it look, but it’s tasty enough to keep us coming back for more.

Most of us have low expectations when it comes to fast food. We understand that a good portion of the people behind the counter are teenagers and young adults tasked with preparing food that was intentionally designed to go from the grill to the customer’s mouth in under five minutes. With this in mind, it’s understandable that mistakes do happen. The situation can normally be cleared up by simply asking the person serving the food to replace the item. What we don’t typically do in this situation is pull out a can of mace and proceed to attack the restaurant employees as Eiram Chanel Amir Dixson did.


A Minnesota CBS affiliate reports that on May 18, 2017, police were called to a Coon Rapids Wendy’s after someone reported a disturbance at the restaurant. When police arrived they were met by employees who witnessed Dixson come to the drive-thru and place an order for fresh french fries. Dixson then pulled up to the window where she got into an argument with an employee about the quality of the fries she was served.

Dixson claimed that the fries were stale and attempted to reach into the drive-thru window as she was arguing with the Wendy’s employee. The employee then defended themselves by throwing a soda at Dixson. Dixson was not happy and proceeded to reach back into her car and pull out a can of mace. The employee standing at the window was hit directly in the face with the mace as Dixson began spraying it into the window. Two other employees who had been nearby at the time of the attack were also hit by the spray.

Dixson was charged with using tear gas to immobilize-not while protecting self/property, a felony which could fetch her as many as five years behind bars and fines between $3,000 and $10,000.

This isn’t the first story we’ve heard of customers behaving badly at the drive-thru. In 2010, a surveillance video of Melodi Dushane punching through a drive-thru window at a McDonald’s because employees could not serve her chicken nuggets went viral. The then 24-year-old Toledo, Ohio woman was charged with vandalism and was ordered to serve 60 days in jail.