The holiday season has only just begun, but there are already reports of Grinches on the loose. In a story coming out of California, a family reports that their Christmas tree farm has been ransacked.

For 40 years, residents in the Placerville-area have looked to the family-run Cedar Ravine Tree Farm to provide them with the trees that will be the focal point of holiday celebrations. This year will be the first year many families will have to look elsewhere after thieves made off with tools and other items necessary for the family to live on and work on the farm.


“They clearly busted in the door, they broke off the steel bar and huge padlock that was on here,” Erik Schoennauer told CBS 13.

“They’re monsters,” Gary Schoennauer added. “They truly are.”

A cabin on the property was completely cleared out, as well as a tool shed. A television, chainsaws, and even the family’s truck had been stolen when the Schoennauers arrived to open up shop.


According to the Schoennauers, in the past, their whole family has come up during the season to stay in the cabin and help to run the farm. This will be the first time in the farm’s 40 long years of operation that those plans will be canceled. “In some ways, it was also like the Scrooge who stole Christmas, because they literally rolled the carpets off the floor and took them,” Erik Schoennauer says.

Investigators say they believe the farm was targeted by drug addicts looking for items they could sell in order to get money.