When friends of Philip Schneider made a number of unsuccessful attempts at reaching him they knew something was wrong. For years Schneider had been a member of the UFO/Conspiracy community and had always claimed that if something were ever to happen to him, then the government killed him. Friends feared the worst for Philip, whose health had been in a rapid free fall, but no one expected to come across the scene they stumbled upon on January 17, 1996.

With the aid of Schneider’s apartment manager and the Clackamas County Sheriff, a welfare check was conducted on the UFO researcher. Philip [NSFW] was found on his bed with a piece of rubber medical tubing wrapped around his neck several times. Initially the coroner declared the death a stroke, later changing that opinion to suicide.


Having suffered from cancer and other debilitating diseases in his old age, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that Schneider had gotten to the point where he was sick of being in pain and decided to end it once and for all. No further examinations were conducted on the body and there was no formal followup on the case.

Prior to his death, Schneider had made a name for himself within the conspiracy community. Having come from a military background, Schneider claimed to have insider knowledge of government programs involving gray aliens. As a geologist and explosive expert, he claimed it was his job to help blast into a secret underground base the military had been constructing in New Mexico. It was during this job that the military encountered something extraterrestrial in nature. A fierce battle broke out and Phillip was only one of three survivors. He further claimed that scarring on his chest was a direct result of alien weapons.

In his final lecture, Philip claimed that the collapse of the World Trade Center could only be accomplished by using nuclear weapons. It was after this lecture that Schneider became increasingly more paranoid. He borrowed a gun from a friend because he had been convinced that someone was after him and even claimed mysterious vans were following him, nearly running him off the road on several occasions. Months later he was found dead in his home.

Some say the mysterious “Men in Black” had finally caught up with Schneider and silenced him for whistleblowing on the alien agenda. Others say Phillip was a sick man who decided to end it when the pain became too much to bare, but rather than go quietly, he wanted his followers to believe that some nefarious government entity had gotten him.


Philip Schneider wouldn’t be the first, nor the last figure within the conspiracy community to suddenly commit suicide or die under, what some claim, mysterious circumstances.

Former airline pilot and 9/11 conspiracy author Phillip Marshall was found dead in his home after he shot and killed his two teenage children and his dog in 2013. Family and friends were in a state of disbelief. While writing his final book The War on Terror Marshall believed that his life was in eminent danger.


More recently, Max Spiers, a UFO researcher who claimed to be involved in the military’s secret “supersoldier” program, was found dead in Portland in June of 2016. Spiers was allegedly in or near Turkey around the time of the infamous Turkish Coup that occurred over the summer. Some personal contacts of Spiers said he seemed distraught in the months leading up to his death, while others say that Spiers may have known too much.

These are just some of the dozens of conspiracy theorists, whistleblowers, and paranormal researchers who have died under what some believe are mysterious circumstances since the 1960s. Are these individuals unhinged and more susceptible to suicide than the average person who doesn’t subscribe to these theories, or are the Men in Black or some other government entity silencing them for getting the world too close to the truth?