Four members of the Polish death metal band Decapitated have been arrested in California after a woman alleged that the band had kidnapped her.

The woman met with the band on August 31, 2017, following the band’s show at The Pin in Spokane, Washington. While there are few details of the kidnapping at this time, it was shortly after the band wrapped up the show that the woman reported to police that the band had kidnapped her.


Law enforcement in California were able to catch up with the band in Santa Ana in the early hours of September 9, following another show that had been part of their “Double Homicide” tour. “After they finished playing, they were kind of hanging out,” Santa Ana police Sgt. Javier Aceves told the Orange County Register. “There was nothing dramatic.”

27-year-old Michal M. Lysejko, 30-year-old Hubert E. Wiecek, 31-year-old Rafal T. Piotrowski, and 35-year-old Waclaw J. Kieltyka are all being held in Los Angeles County Jail while they await extradition back to Spokane. The band’s attorney fears that this process could take weeks.

While the band has offered to surrender to police, Steve Graham, the band’s attorney, says there’s another side to the story. “We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit [the] band of her own free will and left on good terms,” Graham told the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

The New York Daily News reports that since the alleged kidnapping the band has performed in five cities including Portland, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco before being arrested after their Santa Ana show. Their next performance would have been in New York.