The task of saving lives is a stressful but rewarding experience for those who choose to pursue a career in the medical field. Every day anyone can walk through the doors of a hospital and every situation requires quick responses in order to not only treat the patient but keep the patient calm and collected as hospital staff administer life-saving treatments.

Understanding what they must go through day after day, doctors are typically people we admire and respect. Whether we’re suffering from a bout of the flu or something more serious, the person we’re most likely to turn to for help is a doctor and it is because of this trust that we hold them to a higher standard than most people. When a doctor or a surgeon behaves inappropriately on the job, it tarnishes not only their own reputation but it leaves a scar on an entire industry built upon individuals placing blind faith into the hands of another.


When Dr. Theodore Gerstle arrived to perform surgery at Baptist Health located in Lexington, Kentucky, he was confronted by his coworkers for appearing to be under the influence. Placing a patient’s life in jeopardy is not something most in the medical field take lightly and when Dr. Gerstle realized his peers were not going to allow him to enter into the operating room in his condition, he fled the hospital on foot.

Police were called and were able to apprehend Dr. Gerstle several blocks away. He was arrested for public intoxication.


A spokesperson for Baptist Health said in a statement, “Patient safety is always our number one concern. This will be thoroughly investigated.”

Baptist Health also says they have suspended Dr. Gerstle’s privileges to operate at their hospital while the matter is being thoroughly investigated.