Leduc County police are trying to sort out the details of a bizarre car crash that led to the arrest of five naked people and the rescue of a kidnapped family.

According to reports, RCMP originally arrived on the scene of a crash involving a truck and a BMW with five naked occupants. It is believed that the BMW containing the naked occupants intentionally rammed the truck after the family they kidnapped escaped from the moving vehicle.

Police say that a man, a woman, as well as a newborn baby were forced into the BMW after being kidnapped from their home in Leduc County. While the kidnappers were driving down a rural road in Nisku, Alberta the man managed to escape the trunk of the vehicle, while the woman and child also managed to break free from their captors.


Meeting up in a ditch alongside the road, a passing motorist spotted the family who had no shoes on at the time and offered to take them to safety. Spotting the family enter into the motorist’s truck, the party in the BMW intentionally crashed into the vehicle.

Police have released very little information regarding the family stating that “they’ve been through enough.” Among the five nude people arrested were a man, two women, and two female minors. The minors were released without charges while the three adults have been charged with kidnapping and resisting arrest.


The Edmonton Journal reports that police are still unclear on why the occupants of the BMW were naked at the time of the crash and are unsure of whether the group had been naked at the time of the kidnapping. They have reason to believe that drugs and alcohol may have been involved.