The father of a 13-year-old boy who disappeared in November 2012 has been arrested and charged with his murder in La Planta County, Colorado. Dylan Redwine was visiting his father at his home in Colorado when he disappeared and his remains were found almost one year later around 8 miles away from the home. 55-year-old Mark Redwine has always denied any involvement in his son’s murder, telling police he last saw Dylan on the morning of 19 November 2012 when he left to run errands, returning hours later to find his son was missing.

Mark Redwine

Mark Redwine has been charged with the murder of his son five years ago.

La Plata County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release on 22 July 2017 detailing the indictment and arrest of Mark Redwine in relation to his son’s death. He has been charged with murder in the second degree and child abuse resulting in death, where it is alleged he ‘knowingly or recklessly’ injured his son or placed him in a situation of threat which resulted in his death.

On 18 November 2012, 13-year-old Dylan Redwine flew from his home in Colorado Springs where he lived with his mother, to La Planta County for a court-appointed visit with his father for the Thanksgiving holidays. According to the indictment report, tensions were high between father and son with past arguments during previous visits and Dylan was not keen on the visit.

Mark Redwine and Elaine Hall had been engaged in a bitter custody battle over their son for some time, with Dylan Redwine trapped in the middle between his parents. There have been some reports that both Dylan and his older brother had seen ‘lewd photos of their father’ just before Dylan disappeared. It is known that Dylan arrived safely at his father’s through communication he had with his mother and friends confirming his arrival and arranging to meet a friend early the following morning.

Dylan Redwine

Dylan Redwine was murdered in 2012 while visiting his father.

Dylan Redwine, however, didn’t arrive at his friend’s house on the morning of 19 November as planned, with messages from his friend asking where he was going unanswered. Elaine Hall reported her son missing to police that day with local searches being organised and police and forensic teams checking Mark Redwine’s home for any signs of what may have happened to his teenage son.

It was during those searches that blood spots were discovered in various locations of the living room of the house and on further investigation it was determined this blood came from Dylan Redwine. For the following six months, search teams continued to scour the local area for Dylan and in June 2013, his partial remains were discovered on a mountain trail less than 10 miles away from Mark Redwine’s home. Forensic cadaver dogs were brought in to search Mark Redwine’s house and indicated the presence of cadaver scent on the clothes Redwine was wearing the night his son disappeared, in his laundry room, and in the back of his truck.

Two years later, almost 2 miles away from where the remains were found, hikers discovered a human skull. When the skull was examined it was determined it was the skull of Dylan Redwine which showed signs of blunt force trauma in two different areas leading to the conclusion that Dylan had died as the result of foul play.

It was after this discovery in 2015 that the La Planta County Coroner ruled Dylan’s death as a homicide and Mark Redwine was officially named as a person of interest in the case. Dylan’s mother Elaine Hall told Denver News at the time:

“Today was a good day on our journey towards justice for Dylan. It makes me very sad that a father could do this to his own son, but at the same time, he did.”

It is alleged that Dylan Redwine was killed by his father inside the home on the night of 18 November 2012 and his body was then transported to the mountain trail nearby inside Mark Redwine’s truck. It is thought that Mark Redwine may have purposefully moved the skull of his son further up the mountainside to conceal his identity and his cause of death.

Dylan Redwine's mother Elaine Hall

Dylan Redwine’s mother Elaine Hall

Police brought in FBI profilers to assess the case and help guide them in determining suspects.  Criminal profiling consultant Pete Klismet who assessed the case has said, “I simply wanted to look at everything I could look at, and try to figure out who did this. And it was an inescapable conclusion that it was Mark.”

The Huffington Post reports that truck-driver Mark Redwine is being held on $1 million bond after his arrest in Bellingham, Washington and he will be extradited back to Colorado. La Plata County Sheriff’s Office have stated, “The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and Federal Bureau of Investigation have invested thousands of hours in investigating this case culminating in Mark Redwine’s indictment and arrest.”  Although they will not comment on why this arrest has come now instead of in 2015 when Dylan’s skull was found, the department has highlighted the arrest of Mark Redwine for his son’s murder is the first stage in what is expected will be a ‘long road’ to a conviction.