Lake County, Florida officials say they began investigating a 67-year-old boy scout den leader when they received a tip about the man from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Police would follow up on this lead and discover 38 images of children, some as young as 2-years-old, engaging in sexual acts in the man’s possession.

Michael Douglas Hanen was taken into police custody after the images were discovered on a device he owned. During the interview, Hanen revealed to investigators that he had worked closely with children through his years as a boy scout leader, claiming he had been working with the organization for decades.


Because of this startling admission by Hanen, that police now fear that given the nature of the images found in his possession and his access to children that there may be more to this story. Anyone with further information on Hanen is encouraged to reach out to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement at 407-245-0888.

“Today was just the initial charges and there could be additional charges coming if we uncover digital evidence,” Danny Banks, special agent in charge of FDLE’s Orlando region, was quoted as saying by the Orlando Sentinel.

Hanen is currently being held without bond at the Lake County Jail.