An art teacher from the Marked Tree School District has been arrested after a parent came forward with allegations of the teacher having inappropriate relations with several of her students.

According to Arkansas Online, 25-year-old Jessie Lorene Goline is accused of having sex with four teenage boys, two of which occurred on the same night.


Goline had worked at Marked Tree High School from January until April 2016. It was during this time that Goline began to text some of her students, texts which steadily became more sexual in nature.

One student claimed that Goline had texted him and invited him to her apartment where she and the student proceeded to have sex.

A second victim claims that Goline had picked him up and took him back to her apartment where the two had sex. That same victim says another student also went to her apartment that same night.

A third victim claimed that Goline began to text him, telling him “how good he looked in class” and “texted him that she would like to have sex with him but he was too young,” Fox reports. Goline then sent a student a photo of herself wearing thong underwear.


Goline admitted to police that she had sex with four students, but explained that she was under the impression that at least one of the boys were over the age of 18. She says that it wasn’t until later that she learned the boy was “way younger than what he had told her.”

Arkansas Online reports that the investigation into Goline’s conduct began in April after a parent threatened to harm a teacher at Marked Tree High School. It was after these threats had been made that investigators learned the parent had been referring to Goline and had been upset after hearing claims the teacher had been having sex with students.

The former art teacher has since been released on a $5000 bond. If convicted, Goline could be facing up to life in prison.