In the Old West, at least in the movie version, medics like Doc Holliday treated gunshot wounds with whiskey, a knife, a torn-up shirt and more whiskey. Fortunately for today’s gunshot victims, at least for one in Alaska, there’s Neosporin.

Emergency room staff at the South Peninsula Hospital in Homer, Alaska, thought it was wise to call the local authorities when a 43-year-old man came in with a gunshot would to the head that he claimed he had been treating himself for five days with the popular topical antibiotic salve Neosporin.

Doc Holliday wasn’t the attending physician but he and the Alaska State Troopers who questioned the unnamed man at the hospital probably wouldn’t be surprised if alcohol was involved either in the shooting or the treatment. The gun used was a long .22 rifle and the man claimed he was alone and just playing around when it went off.

The instructions for Neosporin say that if the condition you’re treating does not improve or worsens after 1 week, or if you think you may have a serious medical problem, you should see a doctor immediately. This guy waited five days so he must have thought he was getting better, or maybe he was using Neosporin + Pain Relief.

This sounds like a marketing opportunity in the making for someone. I wouldn’t be surprised if drugstores next door to gun shops in Alaska are already sold out of Neosporin. Neosporin + Kickback Relief? Glock 42 with built-in salve dispenser? Wayne LaPierre calling for more “good guys with tubes”?

Sounds like a marketing opportunity waiting to happen!

A gunshot wound should always be taken seriously and treated properly, but you know this is going to happen again. I pity the poor E.R. doctor who has to try and keep a straight face when his patient says he tried to treat his wound with Neosporin but grabbed the Preparation H instead.

Not the correct treatment for a gunshot wound.