We all know how good McDonald’s can be, but how far would you go for a Big Mac? When a Columbia, Maryland woman pulled into the drive-through of an area McDonald’s she didn’t realize the restaurant was closed. Rather than attempting to find another greasy spoon open at 1 am, however, she decided to help herself.

Police received reports on the morning of November 5, 2017, that someone had gained access to the restaurant overnight. The woman, who police have nicknamed “the Hamburglar,” was witnessed on surveillance footage struggling to climb in through the sliding drive-through window. Once she was able to pull herself in through the window, she poured herself a frosty beverage before helping herself to cash, happy meal toys, and food.

Seth Hoffman with the Howard County Police told WBALTV, “The glass window wasn’t shattered at all. It’s certainly one of the more unique burglary videos I’ve seen here. People gain access to other businesses and other residences in any number of ways, but you don’t see people climbing thorough drive through windows very often like this.”

The footage of the woman breaking into the McDonald’s went viral online last week after police leaked the video in hopes of establishing the woman’s identity. The plan went off without a hitch and the woman was quickly identified as 27-year-old Jessica Marie Cross.

Cross originally attempted to cover her tracks by wiping off her fingerprints around the store and tried to disable the surveillance system. Her plan failed. Cross turned herself in to Howard County Police after learning that she was a wanted woman. In total, Cross is accused of making off with $1,400 worth of cash, store inventory, and a purse that happened to be in the restaurant at the time, according to a statement from Howard County Police.