It should go without saying that if you happen to be in a situation where you’re wanted by the police, it would probably be a good idea to stay off of social media. Not only should you stay off of social media, but if you happen to be a wanted fugitive you should also probably refrain from filming a video showing off your gun collection. While both of those things seem like common sense if you’re trying to evade the police, time and time again we come across stories of wanted criminals whose capture has been credited to their insatiable need to post selfies and other content to their known online accounts. Christopher Ricardo Gonzalez is no exception.


18-year-old Gonzalez, known as “Little Chris”, is believed to be associated with a Texas branch of the Bloods street gang. He was placed on Texas’ Most Wanted Fugitives list on August 9, 2017, after officials connected the teen to a series of aggravated home invasions and at least one murder. The Texas Department of Public Safety had offered a $5000 reward for Gonzalez’s capture, but that reward would not be necessary after Gonzalez willingly gave away his own secret location.

Within weeks of being placed on the Most Wanted list, authorities were able to track Gonzalez to Woodland Hills, California. Using a video Gonzalez is seen showing off his gun collection on Instagram, police were able to indicate that Gonzalez had been hiding out in California. The geotagging information gave officers everything they needed to know about the fugitive’s whereabouts and Los Angeles Police were able to track down the SUV Gonzalez was believed to be renting.

Police attempted to pull over the suspect’s vehicle and a chase ensued, according to ABC7. The high-speed chase ended when Gonzalez hit a telephone pole. Both Gonzalez and his passenger attempted to flee on foot.

Witness Todd Melnik commended police for their use of non-lethal force in apprehending the suspect. Gonzalez attempted to hide in some bushes on Melnik’s lawn. Using K-9 officers, police were able to persuade Gonzalez and the second suspect to crawl backward towards officers after K-9 officers took a bite out of them.

Both suspects were taken to an area hospital to be treated for minor injuries sustained from the K-9 bites. No word on when Gonzalez will be extradited back to Texas in order to face trial.