German police say they were able to recover priceless items stolen from the estate of former Beatle John Lennon. One man has been arrested while another man is wanted for questioning by German authorities.

In 2006, dozens of items that were in the possession of Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono vanished from her New York home without a trace. Police have since been following leads in order to recover the stolen items.

It wouldn’t be until July of 2017, when the German auction house Auctionata filed for bankruptcy, that authorities would locate the items stolen from Ono. According to a report from the New York Times, 86 of the missing items were uncovered in the auction house’s remaining inventory.

Among the items stolen included several diaries, two sets of Lennon’s signature glasses, sheet music, a cigarette case, and a 1965 recording of a Beatles concert. Ono was able to identify the items through photos presented to her by German police, who flew to New York to speak with her as part of the investigation.

A 56-year-old German businessman has since been charged in connection to the theft. Other items from the estate were found in the man’s possession at the time of his arrest. He has not been publicly identified.

USA Today reports that a second man, identified as a former driver for Ono, is wanted for questioning by German police. Since the man is currently a Turkish resident police do not have the jurisdiction to arrest him, but investigators say they are attempting to work with Turkish authorities in order to have the man extradited.

Police are also investigating how the items came to be placed in the Berlin auction house and whether any of Auctionata’s former staff had any knowledge of the items being stolen.