She thought she was going on a photo shoot in Milan, instead, 20-year-old mother and model Chloe Ayling says she was held captive by a group hellbent on selling her into sex slavery.

Since the story broke in August of 2017, many have questioned the model’s story. Even some of Ayling’s own friends have gone on the record to state that they believe the entire story had been fabricated for attention.


In spite of the controversy surrounding Ayling’s alleged kidnapping, she continues to stick by her story and is now promising a tell-all book. Ayling’s hope is that her book will “set the record straight” about her kidnapping and will contain shocking new details of her explosive ordeal.

“I am ready to face everything and expose every little detail for the first time,” she told The Daily Star.

Ayling claims that when she arrived in Milan, believing she was going to be attending a photo shoot, she was drugged with ketamine. A mysterious group, which she says identified themselves as the “Black Death Group,” led the model to believe that they would be selling her into sex slavery if her agent did not agree to pay a $300,000 ransom. It was only after learning that Ayling had a child that they decided to release her.

Ayling spent several weeks in the custody of the British Consulate in Milan before she was allowed to return home to Coulson, south London.

After telling her story, police arrested 30-year-old Polish National Lukasz Pawel Herba in connection to the kidnapping and ransom plot. Herba quickly confessed to the elaborate scheme.


Since Herba’s arrest, investigators have learned that the man did have connections to other men who had a history of kidnapping women. Police say they are not sure if the Black Death group Herba told Ayling he belonged to is a real human trafficking organization operating on the deep web or a group Herba made up in order to further frighten the model.

Ayling’s book is set to be titled 6-Days and is due to be released sometime in the Spring of 2018.