Romantic rejection sucks. Like, really sucks. Anyone who has put their feelings out there only to be turned down knows all too well the hurt and shame that comes with it. Some people are better at handling it than others, feeling the disappointment but taking it in stride.

Other people, however, don’t handle the rejection so well. Take 34-year-old Christopher Tucker, for example. Obviously happy with his relationship with his girlfriend, 19-year-old Tara Serino, Tucker decided to take it to the next level and ask for her hand in marriage while in his Berks County home in Pennsylvania.

Sweet, right?

Only, Tara said no. She admitted that she had been sleeping with other men and that their relationship was done. When she made an off-hand comment that Tucker should “just kill her,” that’s when Tucker said he snapped.

He proceeded to strangle her, snap her neck, poke out her eyes, and strike her with a hatchet until he was sure she was dead.

He must not have been very sure.


Tucker then wrapped Tara in a rug, left her in his home, and fled for Illinois. Not long after he arrived in Champaign County, Illinois on Halloween, Tucker was arrested for trying to break into a farmer’s combine and was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. While in hospital custody, he was arrested by police.

Police were able to get a confession from Tucker and, upon searching his Berks County home, found Tara’s body. He has been charged with first and third-degree murder. He is currently jailed in Illinois awaiting transportation to Pennsylvania.