They say life is often stranger than fiction and no one knows that better than the cast of BBC’s mindbending crime drama “Rellik.” Tasked with cracking the case of a fictional serial killer, since the show began filming the cast claims that there have been a series of odd coincidences that coincide with the show.


The most notable of these coincidences broke two days ago when actor Paterson Joseph, who plays Dr. Isaac Taylor on the series, reported to the Mirror that filming had to be temporarily halted when the crew stumbled upon a real crime scene.

Set to film in Cambridge Heath Park in east London, Joseph says, “The crew arrived to film their own dead body and the police told them they weren’t able to, because they’d found a real dead body. It was bizarre, fact being stranger than fiction.”

Joseph goes on to state that this wasn’t the first time the show’s plot had echoed events occurring within the real world.

In the series, actor Richard Dormer’s character has been left permanently disfigured after being the victim of an acid attack. During the filming of the series, London had been experiencing a rash of horrific acid attacks. In addition to predicting the gruesome attacks, even Dormer’s own physical appearance began to align with the character he plays on the series.

Joseph tells the newspaper that shortly after the filming began Dormer came down with impetigo, a bacterial skin infection that causes painful sores. During this bout with impetigo, Dormer’s face was covered in blemishes and blotches similar to injuries sustained by the character he plays.

“It’s a strange show when it brings out these coincidences,” Joseph tells The Mirror.

While it’s anyone’s guess how many more bizarre coincidences the show will bring out in the future, these rumors will certainly add to the bizarre plotline of the new series, which recently premiered on BBC One on September 11, 2017.