Just outside of Akron, Ohio sits the suburb of Coventry Township. As one might imagine, it’s not a very big community. Known as the heart of Portage Lakes, it’s the sort of town where everybody knows everyone else’s name in passing and the sort of town where there’s a friendly neighbor nearby to lend a helping hand. It’s not an exciting town like the neighboring city of Akron and people there like to keep it that way. It’s a place where people go to slow down and enjoy life, but as of recently the sleepy community of Coventry Township has been making headlines.

These headlines aren’t about their Christmas Eve Santa Delivery sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club, nor are they covering the town’s former legacy of leading the state in Division II boys wrestling. Instead, these headlines are covering one of the darkest times in Coventry Township’s 211-year history after a resident was alleged to have murdered her husband and lived with his dismembered corpse for six months.

According to a report from News Channel 5, 49-year-old Marcia Eubank admitted to killing her husband, 54-year-old Howard Eubank, back in June of 2017. While the autopsy reports are still pending, police say they believe Eubank shot her husband several times. After killing her husband, it is suspected that Eubank then used tools to dismember Howard’s body, before placing his parts and pieces into various storage containers.


Shortly after his murder, the Eubanks’ son received a text message. It was allegedly from his father stating simply that he was moving to Texas. Several former co-workers of Eubank’s reportedly received similarly vague and unexpected messages about his decision to relocate. It would be the last anyone would hear from Howard Eubank.

The couple’s son often stayed at their home off and on. It was during one of these extended visits that he had accidentally locked himself out of the home. Climbing in through a window into an office area used exclusively by his mother, he was immediately hit by the smell of decay. Maggots crawling around a storage bin were tell-tale signs that something unsettling lurked within.

The Eubanks’ son immediately contacted his mother about the putrid container situated in her office. According to his 911 call, she admitted to him that she had murdered his father last summer and had been living with his rapidly decomposing body since then.


Police were able to catch up with Marcia Eubank at a nearby Walmart store. She was immediately taken into police custody.

After a search of the home, more containers used to store pieces of her former husband’s body were uncovered in the basement. Investigators also removed power tools from the property which were believed to have been used to dismember Howard Eubank’s corpse.


Eubank has since had her preliminary hearing before a judge. Her bond has been set at $1 million and she is ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, WKYC reports.

As for the bedroom community known as Coventry Township, things there may never be the same as locals are shaken to their core.