Natalie Shull claims Ohio State Trooper, Bryan Lee, forced her to perform sexually explicit acts before letting her go on a drunk driving charge.

Natalie Shull claims Ohio State Trooper, Bryan Lee, forced her to perform sexually explicit acts before letting her go on a drunk driving charge.

Natalie Shull was by no means innocent when she flipped her Chevy Blazer during a drunk driving incident back in November of 2010. The officer responding to the call was Bryan D. Lee, who had worked with the highway patrol since 2006. Lee gave Shull a field sobriety test, which she failed, and a pat down search was performed on her. When Lee proceeded to pat her down again she found it a little odd, but went along with the officer’s request. Lee then placed Shull in handcuffs and forced her to wait in the back of his cruiser while the tow truck came to pick up her severely damaged vehicle.

As Shull awaited to be transported to the station she alerted Lee that she needed to use the bathroom. Lee took her from his cruiser, uncuffed her, and instructed her to relieve herself by the side of the road. Once Shull had finished. he switched off the microphone attached to his belt, which provided the audio for the dashcam within his vehicle, and ordered Shull to stand on the side of his car where she would be out of view of the camera.

Lee then placed the handcuffs back on her and forced Shull to bend over his police cruiser, where he proceeded to fondle her breasts and press his penis against her hands. This went on for at least 19 minutes, according to the footage where Lee and Shull are not within sight of the dashcam. Lee then uncuffed the woman, placed her in the front seat of his cruiser, and asked if she would like a ride home.

Shull immediately spoke with her family about the events that had transpired that evening. The consideration of taking legal action against the officer was already a thought that had crossed Shull’s mind when she heard a knock on her door the following day. Peering out through a peephole, Shull immediately recognized the man standing on her doorstop as Officer Bryan Lee. She didn’t answer the door, but she did contact a lawyer.

Through her lawyer, Shull was able to report the full details of Lee’s inappropriate conduct to his supervisor. Like many others in Shull’s position, she told The Columbus Dispatch that she knew Lee’s supervisor didn’t believe her. When Lee was questioned on the incident, Lee claimed that it was Shull who had came on to him and offered him sex in order to get out of a ticket.

State Trooper Bryan D. Lee

Days after the incident Lee took to Craigslist in order to solicit women who may be interested in fulfilling his fantasy of “traffic stop sex”. Lee posted “how about a cop you must f*** to get out of being arrested. if that sounds fun i can fulfill that fantasy.” Lee also included “i work today till 10 so that way you’ll be back home in time.”

Still, Lee’s superiors were oblivious to Lee’s on-the-job behavior. Shull’s complaint went ignored and she was even threatened with legal action for filing a false report. It wouldn’t be until a random review of dashcam footage four years later that Lee’s professional conduct would be brought into question.

Lee was witnessed on video flirting with two women he had pulled over in a routine traffic stop. He is heard telling the women that he would be willing to intensify his inappropriate comments once his camera had been shut off. After giving the driver of the vehicle a sobriety test and determining she wasn’t intoxicated he allowed her to leave, but insisted on giving the passenger a ride home.

The woman claimed that Lee shut off his mic and proceeded to make comments about her legs and breasts. He asked her if he could photograph her with his hands on her breasts and mentioned that it was still within his right to issue her friend a ticket. Later Lee tracked down the woman on Facebook and sent her several messages, including one where he mentions seeing her at a local fair. The woman was quoted as telling the FBI, who stepped in when they felt it was time to conduct their own investigation on the matter, that it was “really creepy”. “If you’re a professional and you’re a cop, I feel like that’s way out of line.”

A third woman also came forward and also accused Lee of acting inappropriately. In addition to sexual misconduct, she claimed that Lee left several threatening voicemails for her, warning her that if she ever came forward about the incident that he would have her arrested. He claimed he would plant evidence on her and make sure she was sent to jail.

In April of 2015 Bryan Lee plead guilty was sentenced to serve 60 months in federal prison for charges including one count of cyberstalking and four counts of violating the civil rights of women he pulled over and forced to perform sexual acts.