It was the night of October 23, 2016 when two officers, later identified as Jim Hampton and Shawn Stewart, were responding to a call about a group of men brandishing weapons in the back of a pickup truck. The call was going as expected until the officers, along with a sheriff’s deputy who had also responded to the call, asked for the men’s identification cards. One of the men, identified as Michael Vance, Jr., began shooting at officers – first with a .22 and later with an AK-47-style weapon, according to reports by The Oklahoman.

The officers suffered non-fatal wounds as a result of the shootout, and are expected to make a full recovery. Police were unable to immediately return fire as Vance took cover behind the group of people, but were able to hit Vance in the shoulder just as he climbed into the officers’ pickup truck. As Vance made his way down the highway in the stolen truck he opened up his Facebook app and proceeded to record a live statement as he fled the scene.

In the first video Vance recorded, he described the situation as “intense” and claims that the whole ordeal was a setup. His shirt is clearly blood stained as he signs off telling viewers he plans to steal another car.

Vance did manage to carjack a second vehicle from 28-year-old Johnathan Chouinard and his pregnant wife after they were returning to their home in the Bear Creek mobile home community. The couple took cover behind a nearby home as Vance attempted to speed off in their car. When the couple’s Lincoln Towncar stalled out, Vance became frustrated and asked the couple if the car even worked. Chouinard assured Vance that it did and he managed to get it started. As he sped off from the scene, Vance shot out of the window, injuring a woman who was inside of the mobile home the couple was hiding behind at the time.

Vance then returned to his live-stream from a second vehicle. He explained that the video is no joke, focusing in on the gun he has propped against the passenger seat of the stolen Lincoln. He then signs off again telling viewers,

“If you want to know what’s next, stay tuned to your local news.”

Vance, who was due to stand trial for child molestation charges, was spotted later that night at the home of his aunt and uncle. Local police sent a helicopter to fly over the home, when they saw what appeared to be a body in the yard. A bomb-detecting robot was initially sent to clear the scene, before officers could confirm that there was the body of a male in the yard, identified as Vance’s uncle Robert Wilkson.

Wilkson had been shot and it appeared that Vance had attempted to decapitate him. Inside, Valerie Wilkson was found stabbed multiple times, with lacerations indicating that Vance may have attempted to sever her arm, as well as deep cuts to her neck indicating that he may have attempted to decapitate her as well.


Missing from the scene was the couple’s 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Vance was last seen in the Eclipse, fleeing westbound down Highway 40, after an unsuccessful attempt to steal a motor home at a Flying J gas station. Police received the call at approximately 2:38am Monday night about a shooting in the gas station’s parking lot. Vance shot the motor home owner twice in the leg, but Vance was unable to access the vehicle.


The victim was taken to the hospital and Vance is still on the run. He is considered armed and incredibly dangerous. Officials have also claimed that Vance has a communicable disease and may attempt to spread the condition. Stay tuned as updates on this shocking case continue.