Pranks and practical jokes are a long held rite of passage for high school and college students. While these acts are at times criminal in nature, the toilet paper draping from the trees and the window paint on the victims’ cars are often overlooked without criminal prosecution. Pranksters sometimes consider being charged with vandalism as a potential outcome for their acts, but there is another potential outcome that is widely overlooked – murder.

Death of a Clown

Igor Chaldov killed in a scare prank turned fatal

Igor Chaldov killed in a scare prank turned fatal

A Russian man dressed as a deranged killer clown for a prank video got an unexpected reaction from one of his victims. In the hidden camera footage of the prank, 20yr old Igor Chaldov can be seen in clown attire and wielding a knife. Concealing himself in the shadows along a roadway, the man proceeds to chase and frighten several people passing by. It appeared to be all fun and games until a fourth person approached the area Chaldov was hiding. Before Chaldov could explain his actions the man knocks him to the ground and shoots him point blank in the face.

Don’t Try This at Home

These two aspiring jackasses got a bit more than they bargained for with this prank gone wrong. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Mark Ramiro and Darnell Mitchell thought it would be an excellent idea to film a stunt where Ramiro would shoot Mitchell in the chest while wearing a bulletproof vest – what could possibly go wrong? In a completely unexpected plot twist, the bullet missed the vest Mitchell was wearing, resulting in his death. The pair had been friends for nearly 15 years and it was clear that Ramiro had no malice towards or intention to kill his friend. Unfortunately there is no plea of ignorance within a court of law.

Too Young to Dye

16yr old Ryan Wilson, along with a friend, confronted random strangers on the streets of Chicago’s Southside in this relatively harmless prank gone awry. Asking the strangers “Are you ready to dye?”, Wilson and his friend would then present the unwitting victim with a bottle of Clarol hair color. While is it unclear how many people were approached by Wilson and his fellow prankster, one particular confrontation didn’t turn out to be as funny as the duo had planned. Spotting a couple of men they hadn’t targeted, the pair walked up and began to recite their line. Unaware that the men were members of Chicago’s notorious Vice Lords gang, one of the men pulled out a gun and shot Wilson multiple times in the head. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

How Not to Wake Up Your Friend

Kristin Milano – died of smoke inhalation after her brother’s friend threw a lit sparkler into their apartment.

Eric Morelli was disappointed his friend had fallen asleep and wasn’t available to hang out with him. Instead of just finding another friend or watching Netflix alone, Morelli came up with the brilliant idea to throw a lit sparkler into his friend’s 2nd story apartment window. The sparkler caught the apartment of Morelli’s friend on fire and resulted in the death Kristin Milano – sister of the victim. Although he expressed his apologies to the family, Morelli is facing murder charges for his senseless actions.

Teen Prank Turns to Tragedy

A typical case of teenage shenanigans ended tragically for one group of Arkansas teens. Attempting to retaliate against another boy that played a prank on them, a group of teenagers went to the alleged prankster’s home. Spotting a car parked outside the home, the teens smeared the car with eggs, mayonnaise, and toilet paper. As they began to drive off the group was suddenly met with gunfire. The driver was hit in the arm, while 15yr old Adrian Broadway was struck in the head. 48yr old Willie Nobel was charged with first degree murder, committing a terrorist act, and 5 counts aggravated assault.

Taking the Wrap

Facebook lead to the arrest of two boys in Circleville, OH in connection with the death of an elderly woman. Police say that the boys bragged about how they wrapped plastic wrap around a stop sign, making it practically invisible to drivers. The not-so-clever prank resulted in an 85yr old woman bypassing the sign and colliding with another vehicle. Once news spread about the incident, calls about what the teenagers had been posting on the popular social media site began pouring into the sheriff’s office. Video surveillance from a nearby Walmart also showed Derek Greenlee and Seth Stonerock purchasing the plastic wrap. The pair was charged with involuntary manslaughter for their dangerous joke.