In 2016, police began an investigation into a New Jersey parish after tracing images depicting child pornography believed to have been uploaded by an on-call priest. It was through this investigation that police came in contact with Father Kevin Gugliotta.

During the initial interview, police sensed signs of deception from Gugliotta. According to the Pocono Record, Gugliotta began to fidget in his chair, his mouth became dry and his eyes began to tear up as police asked the Roman Catholic priest questions about his role with the church and how he spent his free time. During this interview, Gugliotta admitted he spent most of his time away from the parish using a laptop only he had access to in his Gouldsboro apartment. The same location police were able to indicate the images had been uploaded from.


Shortly after the interview, Gugliotta was placed under arrest for charges including 20 counts of child porn and 20 counts of disseminating images of children involved in sexual acts. In 2017, Gugliotta pleaded guilty to one of these counts in a deal that would allow the other 39 counts against him to be dropped completely.

Leaving court, Gugliotta admitted to his probation officers that he had uploaded the images as the prosecution ascertained, but claims he only did it to get back at God. Gugliotta explained that he was a gambler who loved to play poker. Unfortunately, he was not a very good player and lost a number of hands. Gugliotta decided that God had been punishing him and in order to exact revenge he uploaded the images as a proverbial middle finger to the big man.


Gugliotta later apologized to the judge for his actions. He was given 308 days off his sentence for time served but could be eligible for parole in as little as a month and a half. After his release, Gugliotta will have to register as a sex offender and spend five years on probation. As part of the terms, the disgraced priest will not be able to gamble and probation officers are allowed to check his electronic devices at random.

Gugliotta may have thought he could get back at God, but ultimately it was God who had the last laugh.