Last month, a “violent psychopath” with “all the criteria of a classic serial killer” escaped from a mental health facility in Hawaii and flew to California. And no, that isn’t the ridiculously awesome plot of Halloween 9: Michael Myers Flees Paradise, that’s what happened when 59-year-old Randall Toshio Saito simply strolled out of the mental facility he called home for nearly four decades.

On November 12, at about 9 am, Saito walked out of Hawaii State Hospital and hopped in a cab for the airport. No alarms were tripped and no staff had been notified. Saito then took an island-to-island flight and spent about 90 minutes in Maui before jumping on a flight to San Jose.

When Saito landed in Northern California at about 7:30 pm, hospital staff were still unaware of his escape. After police received a tip from “an alert taxi cab driver,” Saito was captured at around 10:30 am the following Wednesday. He was arrested and sent back to Oahu.


How the hell did a “violent psychopath” stroll out of a mental hospital with cash, a cell phone, and extra clothes? Since Saito’s capture, Hawaii State Department of Health decided to suspend seven hospital employees without pay pending an internal investigation.

What they learned is that Saito had a “robust sex life” with at least three members of hospital staff and they provided Saito, or “Randy” as they called him, with cell phones and porn. Saito was also allowed to leave the hospital grounds with an escort and was given plenty of freedom to roam.

But, so what? Why would everyone freak out over a clinically diagnosed psychopath escaping a mental hospital? Staff thought of him as a “charming, likable guy,” what could Saito have done that was so reprehensible?

In 1979, Saito, after choosing her at random at the Ala Moana Center, shot a woman in the face with a pellet gun and stabbed her to death. Her bloody body was found in her car. After an intensive psychological evaluation and trial, Saito was found not guilty by reason of insanity. It was found that Saito was a sexual sadist and necrophiliac.

But, despite that, some of the hospital staff still decided to fornicate with him. Go figure.

As the investigation continues, more hospital staff will likely be removed. In the meantime, the Hawaii State Department of Health has undertaken more meaningful measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen again such as reviewing patient privilege, increasing unannounced patient area searches, and probably beefing up security a bit.

One story is the incompetence and the troubling behavior of hospital staff in regards to how they interacted with a psychopathic patient. The situation needs to be investigated and the people involved held accountable.

However, the other story is yet another example of how manipulative and cunning criminal psychopaths can be. Saito was able to charm more than one hospital worker into sex, into getting cell phones, porn, and all sorts of privileges that wouldn’t otherwise be ascribed to a mental patient.

Saito charmed his way, for nearly four decades, into a nearly foolproof escape plan. If he hadn’t been caught by police, who knows what kind of mayhem he might have committed?


That’s why it’s imperative to keep institutionalized psychopaths under close watch. These people aren’t like us, they are extremely dangerous. Saito’s escape is demonstrative of how effective these people are when they find an in.

Don’t be fooled by the monster’s charm.