Ontario, California police have arrested a 16-year-old boy after a Snapchat post showing the boy throwing a cat went viral.

According to police, they have tracked down the cat’s owner. The New York Post reports that the cat was a stray taken in four months ago and named Spots. Spots survived the ordeal, but police say suffered a broken leg after the teen tossed the cat across the street.


NBC Los Angeles reports that Spots was rushed to an emergency animal clinic for treatment. Spots now has a cast on one leg and a wrapping on another. According to the vet who treated Spot, blood tests show that the cat is also possibly suffering from internal injuries.

The post was uploaded to Snapchat by a user going by the name “Charlie.” He was tracked down within days of the video’s upload after police went door-to-door and received an outpouring of tips on the possible identity of the young man in the video.

On December 4, 2017, police went to arrest the boy they believed was in the video. Officers say the teen attempted to flee when he saw officers approaching. Police were able to tackle the teen and take him into custody. He has been charged with suspicion of animal cruelty.