UPDATE: As of January 17, 2017, Lexy Stacy has been located alive and well in Tennessee, along with her boyfriend Daniel Perkins. The Stacys are grateful for everyone who had sent tips, well wishes and had shared Lexy’s story throughout this difficult time.

A photo of Lexy Stacy, who her parents believe was kidnapped by a wanted fugitive.

A photo of Lexy Stacy, who her parents believe was kidnapped by a wanted fugitive.

Lexy Stacy was a typical 21-year-old woman before she disappeared in the summer of 2015. She’s been described as a homebody who enjoyed nights in with her parents. She cherished her family and their time together, often going on fishing trips with her father. She was an aspiring singer and for two years in a row she was awarded the title of employee of the month at a Walmart she had been employed at. According to the Stacys, all of that went away once a man named Daniel Perkins entered into Lexy’s life.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Josh and Cindy Stacy who have recently set up a GoFundMe campaign in order to hire a private investigator. Life has been devastating for the Stacys since Lexy’s disappearance in June of 2015, having described their family dynamic as a very tight-knit one. Through our conversation I was able to piece together a glimpse of who Lexy Stacy is and why they believe Daniel Perkins has kidnapped their daughter.

Lexy was introduced to Perkins by a mutual friend back in April of 2015 and immediately fell for him. Suddenly her demeanor began to change. Lexy, who has been described as very close to her family and even has a tattoo across her chest reading “Family always comes first” had suddenly become distant. Her usual bubbly personality was fading fast and the Stacys weren’t the only ones who became concerned with Lexy’s sudden change in behavior.

Her work performance began to fail. The two time employee of the month who was up for a promotion had quit her job in order to spend more time with Daniel. She’d disappear for days at a time to go stay with Perkins and rumors began to swirl that he had introduced Lexy to drugs.

Though the couple had only been dating a few short months Lexy’s life began to revolve around this man. The Stacys say that they didn’t care much for him, but were civil enough with him for their daughter’s sake. It wasn’t until the first time Lexy disappeared to Perkins’ parent’s home for a few days that the truth about Daniel Perkins began to unravel.

They learned that he was on probation, and it wasn’t his first run-in with the law. The Stacys say Perkins has a rap sheet related to assault, drug charges and burglaries. Perhaps due to her parents’ disapproval of her boyfriend, Lexy decided to move in with a few friends of hers. During this time Perkins had been sent to jail for violating his probation, but had been staying with Lexy and her roommates after Lexy had agreed to bond him out.

It is believed that Lexy may be traveling with her boyfriend, Daniel Perkins, who is currently wanted by the FBI for bank robbery.

It is believed that Lexy may be traveling with her boyfriend, Daniel Perkins, who is currently wanted by the FBI for bank robbery.

The following day Daniel Perkins allegedly borrowed the car of one of Lexy’s roommates and proceeded to rob the Bank of the West in Thornton, CO. He returned with Lexy’s roommate’s car as if nothing had ever happened and police did not immediately apprehend him. Perkins was ordered to appear in court for the case involving his probation the day following the bank robbery. Perkins was arrested during court proceedings for reasonable suspicion that he had been the culprit behind the robbery two days prior.

He was allowed out on bail 24-hours later and Lexy agreed to pick him up. A mistake, according to the Stacys, that never should have happened. “If he robbed a bank, he shouldn’t have gotten out the next day.” says Cindy Stacy. Several days later the couple would be on the run, Perkins allegedly stealing what he could from some of their roommates and Lexy taking only a backpack of clothing.

One of Lexy’s roommates agreed to drop the couple off at a store Lexy had been working at. She told her roommate that they were planning to stay with Perkins’ parents for a few days. Lexy was last seen a short time later attempting to pawn a laptop Perkins had stolen from another roommate. A warrant was issued for Lexy’s arrest on the matter.

On May 31, 2015 the Stacys received a text message from their daughter, it would be the last time they’d ever hear from her and they have some doubt that it was Lexy typing the messages. Lexy had recently closed her Facebook account, causing her mother Cindy to become concerned. She asked Lexy if she was okay and Cindy says that Lexy’s response was “… a very cold message and it was nothing that Lexy would actually say to me.”

Is this a case of a young couple playing Bonnie and Clyde or did Daniel Perkins, a career criminal according to the Stacys, kidnap their daughter Lexy?

By June 3, 2015 the Stacys had reported Lexy as a missing person.

A screenshot of the GoFundMe page the Stacys set up in order to collect the funds necessary for a private investigator.

A screenshot of the GoFundMe page the Stacys set up in order to collect the funds necessary for a private investigator.

The Stacys say they find it difficult to believe that their daughter, who would often phone Cindy on her lunch breaks just to say “hi” and even shadowed her mother at work for a period just to be close to her, would suddenly cut off all contact. They believe that she’s been prevented from contacting them either through force or through the manipulation of Perkins.

Phone records were able to show that the last call made from Lexy’s cellphone was on June 3, 2015, the same day they had reported Lexy as a missing person. For two months they kept her phone active, anxiously waiting to hear anything from their daughter. That call never came and the Stacys made the decision to have the phone shut off based on their belief that Lexy’s phone had been abandoned or destroyed.

I asked Cindy Stacy to speculate that if there’s a chance that Lexy did agree to run off with Perkins willingly, what she thinks those reasons may be. She says that there’s a good chance that Perkins has been giving Lexy drugs and there’s the possibility that he may be using that as a means of manipulating her. I also asked if there was a chance that perhaps he was threatening to hurt Cindy and her husband if Lexy did not agree to his plans and she was able to confirm that on at least one occasion he had threatened Josh Stacy.

Lexy is known to change her hair color often and also has a number of tattoos including full arm sleeves and a tattoo across her chest that reads Family always comes first.

Lexy is known to change her hair color often and also has a number of tattoos including full arm sleeves and one across her chest that reads “Family always comes first.”

The Stacys we able to go to Lexy’s roommate’s home to pick up her things. Signs of possible domestic abuse littered the room formerly inhabited by Lexy. Her dresser drawers appeared to have been completely kicked in and her mattress was found slashed open, reportedly both done by Perkins during an argument. Like any parents would be, they are concerned that Perkins may have hurt her, or perhaps something much worst.

The disappearance of their daughter Lexy has taken a toll on the Stacys emotionally. Josh Stacy says that since Lexy had been reported missing he’s been forced to take a number of anti-anxiety medications and they have exhausted themselves in trying to find answers on their daughter’s whereabouts.

Conversations with the Perkinses have come up futile and their lack of concern about their own son’s disappearance has lead the Stacys to believe that they may be reluctant to reveal all of the information they know due to Daniel’s active warrants. Police and FBI officials involved in the case have since put the case aside for far more pressing matters, leaving the Stacys desperate to track down their daughter and to find answers on why a young woman, who had often referred to Cindy as her “best friend,” would suddenly cut off all contact.

Where is Lexy Stacy and why would she decide to flee with a wanted fugitive she had only been dating for a brief period?

The Stacys hope that by hiring a private investigator they will be able to finally find answers to their questions.

In my final question for the Stacys I asked Cindy that if there’s a chance that Lexy could be reading this article what would she want to say to her. She said:

“Lexy please come home. We love you with all of our heart. We’re here for you, we will help you get any help you need. We’re here for you and we’re not going anywhere until we find you.”

Ironically, just eight months before she was reported as a missing person Lexy recorded this video of her singing the Jo Dee Messina song Alright.

If anyone has any information regarding the disappearance of Lexy Stacy, her parents are encouraging tipsters to phone the Westminster, CO Police Department.