There are some relationships you know, right from the start, that they are going to hurt you as hard as they can. The one described below is not one of them. It was pure love that unexpectedly turned into a blood bath for a young, beautiful woman whose life was taken by the man she loved.

509df43eda4c95acbc56edba99545630Everyone in Veria, a small Greek town, was aware of the flirt between Kiki Kousoglou and Danos Mouratidis. The couple always seemed happy, in love, and connected in a very strong way, but when Kiki was turning 20, she decided to break up with him because of the turmoil in their relationship, and Danos’ jealousy causing fights. However, a month after their separation, they went out and, even though Mouratidis wanted to win his ex- girlfriend back, Kiki wanted to end it once and for all. They went to his house.

On April 11, 2005, Danos and Kiki were together at his house talking about their relationship. Kiki told her ex-boyfriend that she was not ready to get back together with him and, being tired, she fell asleep. Danos, whose jealousy was later acknowledged as one of the main attributes of his personality, read a text of another guy on Kiki’s phone breaking out shouting. He strangled her to death.

The next day, Kiki’s family got worried and started searching for her without result. To exhaust all means, they approached Angeliki Nikolouli, an investigator with her own TV show on Greek television, who devoted the whole TV season to finding Kiki. Danos had to make himself look innocent and participated in the investigation going live on national television begging for any information that would bring back Kousoglou. His goal was to look like the victim and there were many viewers who believe in him. So far, Danos Mouratidis was winning.

The truth was that Mouratidis had strangled Kiki and when he realized what he had done, he made a plan to get rid of the body. He took the car, put the corpse in the passenger seat and drove around the town so people would see her sitting next to him like an alive person. Later, he left the body to the Aliakmonas riverbank, a desert area where no one would ever search for his victim, and threw away her stuff to another spot to disorientate the investigation. He went back home waiting patiently for 24 hours. As you may know, the killer always returns to the scene of the crime, and at dawn the next day, Danos was back at the very same place he had disposed the body. With the help of his 40-year-old cousin, who, later, admitted his participation, he buried Kiki. Danos thought that he had committed the perfect crime. He was wrong.

Nikolouli was convinced that Danos Mouratidis was the killer and, as she would admit later, she arranged an interview between the two of them only to uncover his guilt. During the interview, Mouratidis was nervous, sweaty, and put himself in an awkward position losing the battle against an experienced reporter. Four months after Kiki’s death, he confessed turning himself in to authorities.

In court, Danos did not lose his temper. During his plea, he kept asking for forgiveness, and, even though he never said the reason he had killed Kiki, he described to the judges their relationship in detail:

“She was the love of my life. We were together for five years. Sometimes we fought and parted, but we would always get back together eventually. We split two weeks before the day I killed her, but we kept talking and spending time together,” Mouratidis said and continued describing the moment he strangled her: “I held her in my arms. I don’t remember if she was screaming or if she was saying something. When I let her she was not breathing. I took her pulse and I realized she was dead. I lost it and I decided to dispose of the body. It was like I was not myself.”

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Mouratidis was charged with intentional homicide and got sentenced to life in prison, while his cousin who helped him bury the body stayed four years in jail. The Kousoglou case was one of the most shocking in Greece, mainly because of Mouratidis’ hypocrisy and the way he appeared on television begging for some information.

Nikolouli still is recognized as one of the best police reporters in her country and Veria will never be the same place again.