An Oregon woman has been sentenced to serve two years in prison after passing methamphetamine to her inmate boyfriend. During the extended kiss, officials say Melissa Ann Blair passed seven balloons full of methamphetamine to Anthony Powell. Powell later died as a result of two of the balloons rupturing inside of his stomach.

Powell was sentenced to serve life in prison for the murder of his mother-in-law. It was while he was in prison that Blair began corresponding to Powell and the two began a romance that lasted over a decade.


According to Blair’s defense, Powell and others originally proposed the idea of sneaking the methamphetamine into the prison. It was claimed by John Ransom, Blair’s attorney, that “It was a very Svengali-type situation where he had total control over her life.” As a result, Blair allegedly felt she had to comply with Powell’s orders.

A judge later stated that while Blair agreed to go along with the plan knowing there could be potentially fatal consequences for her actions, as the mastermind of the scheme Powell also played a role in his own death. “It was tragic and sad but he shares responsibility for what happened,” the judge said.


In addition to serving out two years behind bars, the judge presiding over the case also ordered Blair to complete three years of post-release supervision and is required to participate in both drug treatment and mental health programs.

Four others who devised the plan with Powell have since pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges. Their sentencing is scheduled in the coming weeks, The Independent reports.