An unknown serial killer spent decades crisscrossing across the country, concealing his true identity and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. His last known identity was Robert “Bob” Evans and he died of natural causes in 2010 after he had been convicted of killing his wife, Eunsoon Jun, shortly after marrying her in a small ceremony. Since Evans’ death police have been attempting to find the man’s true identity and piece together his connection to a number of unsolved murders, including a mystery stemming back to the mid-1980s when hunters discovered the bodies of a woman and several children placed in steel barrels behind a New Hampshire apartment complex.


After Evans’ death in prison, a woman who believed Evans may have been her father requested a DNA test. The woman had been abandoned in a trailer park as an infant and while DNA could not connect the woman to Evans, it did connect her to Denise Beaudin, who went missing after Thanksgiving in 1981. Detectives believe she was one of six suspected victims of the mysterious serial killer. It was through this DNA testing that police were able to pinpoint Evans’ true identity, Terry Peder Rasmussen.


Officials now say they are working backward, hoping this new development in the case will help them learn more details about the woman and the three children that were found nearly 30 years ago. So far the four victims have not been identified. There were never any missing persons reports filed for anyone fitting the victims’ descriptions, and school records for the children have turned up next to no information. It was only learned after Rasmussen’s death that one of the children had been his biological daughter.

Rasmussen disappeared from public record after 1974, when he abandoned his wife and four children in Arizona. Those children, now adults, have long wondered what happened to their father. After years of searching for him through genealogy databases, New Hampshire State Police had to break the news that their long lost father was suspected of being a serial killer. The Boston Globe reports that the family is having a difficult time coming to terms with this news, but have cooperated in providing what information they had and agreed to submit DNA samples to further conclude that Evans and Rasmussen were the same man.


Police say the last time the children had seen their father was in 1974 when he surfaced for an unexpected Christmas visit while they were living with their mother in Arizona. Along with him was a woman who was identified as his girlfriend at the time, but little other details of the woman are currently known. It was after that 1974 visit that Rasmussen became a ghost, only to resurface in New Hampshire decades later as Bob Evans. Police believe he spent time in a number of states under a list of aliases between that time and his 2002 conviction for the murder of Eunsoon Jun including Oregon, Texas, Arizona, California, Virginia, and New Hampshire.

With new leads in the case, police are hoping they can finally identify the unknown victims of Rasmussen. Police are also hopeful that one day they will find the remains of Denise Beaudin.

Anyone with information about Rasmussen or his suspected victims are encouraged to reach out to the New Hampshire State Police Cold Case Unit at 603-223-3856 or Manchester police detectives.