Along the highways and byways of America monsters move from state-to-state undetected. These transients often do little to conceal their crimes, yet are more likely to get away with them because, until recently, technology made it almost impossible to connect the dots. Then there was Timothy Jay Vafeades.

For all the serial killing truckers who could be traveling around the country at this very minute, Vafeades was a little different. He wasn’t killing anyone, at least not that we know of, but his crimes are as depraved as any story we’ve featured here.

The long-haul trucker with an obsession with vampirism crisscrossed the country luring young women into his trailer. Two women were found to being held as sex slaves inside Vafeades’ truck, after he was arrested at a Minnesota weigh station. Four more later came forward with their story.


The exact details of the abuse are not available, but what is known is that the women were brutally beaten and sexually assaulted while held captive by Vafeades. During these assaults Vafeades often insisted on wearing a pair of vampire fangs he kept in his truck. He also cut and dyed the women’s hair and used a dremel tool to grind down some of the women’s teeth.

One woman, who agreed to testify against Vafeades in court, said that she got into his truck believing they were going to go out to dinner. It became clear to her that Vafeades had other plans when he didn’t pull over to any restaurants.

“He then said, ‘I got you now. You are mine,’” The victim, known only as Victim B, told the courts. She also testified that Vafeades regularly beat her with a belt and raped her. She went on to say that Vafeades controlled every aspect of her life, including how she used the bathroom.

Vafeades was arrested when a weigh station official noticed bruises on one of his victims’ faces. He was originally charged with violating a protection order. Vafeades was later charged by the federal court of Salt Lake City for kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women across state lines. He was also charged with transporting child pornography.


For these six women, their nightmare is now over. Vafeades has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, with lifetime court supervision upon his release after pleading guilty to all charges.

Vafeades told U.S. District Judge David Nuffer that reading his victims’ statements had been traumatic for him and admitted that he was a monster.