Sexual predators are everywhere. They are in our schools, they’re in our offices, they’re our colleagues, they’re our neighbors, they’re even our doctors. While it’s certainly not prudent to think that perverts and creeps lurk behind every corner, it is important to be aware that predators aren’t relegated to a specific industry or region. They are everywhere, and they’re determined.

Dr. James Kohut, 57, a longtime Santa Cruz neurosurgeon, is one such predator. On May 14, the traveling doctor was arrested and charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse of minors. He, along with the help of two nurses, Rashel Melinda Brandon and Emily Joy Stephens, have been accused of raping children as young as three-years-old.

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Kohut, according to court documents, had been sexually preying on children for the past 20 years. He even had fantasies about creating “taboo” families, or “sexual families.” That is, families that intend to raise their children in a sexual manner. An example of a “sexual family,” could be seen in the infamous cult Family International under David Berg’s reign.

What Kohut desired were his own personal victims, children that he could abuse whenever he wanted in the safety of his own home. By impregnating women who are interested in the fantasy, he would be setting up an organized system of abuse. A cycle that would likely continue for as long as he could get away with it.

Witnesses told investigators that Kohut wanted to impregnate women, “so she could have a child and then they could be sexual with the child.” One woman told detectives that Kohut admitted being “most interested” in children between 6 and 8 years old. She continued to state that Kohut said, “if he had a daughter, he would want to impregnate her at the age of 10 and raise that child sexually as well.”

Fortunately, it appears that Kohut never achieved this goal. Interestingly enough, Kohut has never been convicted of a crime. According to Assistant District Attorney Steven Moore in his opposition to a bail request by Kohut’s attorney, “For nearly 20 years, the defendant has had a fixed sexual desire to be part of multiple ‘taboo families’ where the parents raise their children sexually.

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“Kohut has a sexual compulsion and has solicited victims for decades. Multiple police agencies have investigated the defendant over the last 20 years, including Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, Seaside police, Australian Federal Police, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation have investigated the defendant for similar crimes going back to 1997.”

Kohut has pleaded not guilty to the charges. If convicted, he will face a minimum 165-year prison term.