On August 10, 2017, Swedish journalist Kim Wall had been working on a profile piece on inventor Peter Madsen and his homemade submarine. The two were last seen boarding the vessel together but only one of them would return.


When the submarine failed to return to port the following day, police ordered a search for the vessel. A merchant ship reported coming close to hitting the submarine and at approximately 10:30 am a lighthouse confirmed that the submarine had been spotted. Half an hour later the vessel sank. A rescue ship was able to save Madsen, but Wall was nowhere to be found.


Police arrested Madsen on the spot after he claimed he had returned to the docks in Copenhagen to drop off Kim Wall that same morning. Madsen later changed his story, claiming Wall had been met by an unfortunate accident while aboard his homemade submarine and he gave her a proper burial at sea.

Eleven days later, Kim Wall’s headless and limbless body washed ashore. Police now believe that Madsen deliberately sunk the submarine in order to conceal evidence of Wall’s suspected murder after dismembering her. The wreckage is currently undergoing forensic testing in hopes that authorities can provide some answers to the question of what happened aboard the vessel.


Madsen, who has been charged with manslaughter, pleaded not guilty during a closed door hearing. Though authorities have given Madsen opportunity to confess, he is sticking by his story that the journalist’s death was a tragic accident.