He accidentally became locked in a beer cooler but rather than call for help, Jeremy Van Ert sat down and grabbed himself a frosty beverage.

Ten minutes before midnight, 38-year-old Jeremy Van Ert stopped by a Kwik Trip convenience store in Marshfield, Wisconsin to pick up a night cap. That’s when police say a timer automatically locked the cooler doors behind him. Realizing that midnight was the cutoff time and no employee would be able to sell him beer, he decided to stay put.


Van Ert would not be found until 6 am the following morning, surrounded by an empty 18-ounce Icehouse beer and three empty cans of Four Loco. Van Ert was released, but rather than attempting to pay for the cans he consumed throughout the night, Van Ert “made a beeline from the beer cooler to the door without any attempt to pay for what he had consumed or broken,” tripping over and breaking three 30-packs of Busch beer on his way out, the Washington Post reports.

Van Ert was picked up by police and arrested for retail theft, which can fetch $170 fine and an order for Van Ert to make full restitution to the company. While the offense was not a jailable one, Van Ert was already on probation for two arson charges, as well as others. Part of those probation terms required Van Ert to remain sober and to not commit any other crimes. He is currently being held at the Wood County Jail.