Authorities say they have placed a Florida woman under arrest after they received an anonymous tip complaining about the condition of the woman’s home that she shared with her children, as well as three cats.

When officers arrived at the woman’s central Florida home to follow up on the tip, they were overwhelmed by the stench of urine and feces. Just entering the home had been a struggle since trash had been heaping up and officers reported having fleas up to their ankles. Sitting on a couch covered in cockroaches was one of the woman’s children who directed officers to a freezer where the child’s mother had placed three dead dogs.


Victoria Kanger, the children’s mother, claimed she stored the dogs in the freezer because she didn’t have a shovel to give them a proper burial.

Police say they received word on the conditions of Kanger’s home back in October, when a concerned tipster told them in a call placed to 911, “It is disgusting, non-livable for a 5-year-old (girl). I mean, there’s poop all over the floor, there’s piles of clothes, there’s roaches. She’s had lice for the past eight months,” the Independent reports.

Both of Ms. Kanger’s children, ages 5 and 14, have since been placed into protective custody. Kanger has been arrested and charged with child neglect. She is currently being held on a $2,500 bond.