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    How Do I Get and Use My Audio RSS Link?

    Click the “Copy link” button to copy the link to your clipboard, and paste it into your podcast app or RSS app of choice! You can now easily listen to your favorite Sword and Scale podcasts on the go!

    Note: Only audio posts that Sword and Scale has uploaded will populate in your private RSS feed. Video, and text posts will not appear in your feed. Fear not, you can still access these posts by logging in on desktop.

    NOTE: In order to listen to +PLUS on your Apple Podcasts app please follow the steps below.

    • Open Apple Podcast app
    • Then click “Library”
    • Then click “Edit” on the top right
    • Then click “Add a Podcast URL...”
    • Enter the RSS link from your dashboard.

    NOTE: Please do not share your RSS Feed link.

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