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EP2 | Frenemies

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A young woman's body is found folded up in trash can during the middle of a Pennsylvania snow storm.

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At the age of 30, Jennifer Daugherty had already been through her fair share of life’s struggles. As a mentally disabled woman, she never had it easy. But by the winter of 2010, she had struck out on her own. She was living in a homeless shelter in Greensburg, Pennsylvania to qualify for state funding that would eventually help her get her own apartment. She worked and took the bus by herself. She was beginning to establish her independence. Jennifer was making lemonade out of lemons and seemed to be happy. She had even made a few new friends and developed what she thought was a romantic relationship with a boy named Ricky Smyrnes.


Needless to say, her disability prevented her from seeing the bad in people, and her new friends were bad.


In early February of 2010, Angela Marinucci, invited Jennifer to a sleepover at a home she shared with 5 others. As it turns out, Angela and Ricky were an item - she was pregnant with Ricky’s child, and she was beyond angry that Jennifer and Ricky shared a love connection. So, as a blizzard ripped through the western Pennsylvania suburb of Pittsburgh, Angela Marinucci recruited her 5 friends - Ricky Smyrnes, Melvin Knight, Amber Meidinger, Robert Masters and Peggy Miller, to seek revenge on Jennifer Daugherty.


Over the course of 3 days, these individuals, eventually dubbed the Greensburg 6, tortured and eventually murdered Jennifer Daugherty and left her naked body in a garbage can in the middle school parking lot.


Join the Sword and Scale team as we interview the team of detectives, district and defense attorneys and the forensic pathologist tasked with uncovering the events that led to Jennifer’s murder and eventually bringing justice to Jennifer and closure to her family.



Host: Mike Boudet (@SwordandScale|@MBoudet)

Creator: Ash Patiño (@AshesToAshTV)

Director: Mark Serao (@Peacemaker_Picture_Society)

Director of Photography: David Patiño (@DavidPatino)

Producer: Dana Serao (@Peacemaker_Picture_Society)

Camera/Audio: Nicholas Goncalves (@NicholasAntonioGoncalves)

Camera/BTS Images: Donald Komondy (@Donald.Komondy)

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