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7 year old Sherrice Iverson goes missing while playing in the children's arcade of the Primadonna Resort Casino.

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Primm, Nevada. May 25th, 1997. LeRoy Iverson, a perpetual gambler, stopped at the Primadonna Resort and Casino on the Nevada and California state line with his 14-year-old son, Harold and 7-year-old daughter, Sherrice. While LeRoy drank and gambled the night away, his kids were sent down to the arcade in the casino’s basement to keep busy. Harold, a teenager in the making, wanted little to do with his younger sister, so several times during the night Sherrice was returned to LeRoy by casino security. She wasn’t allowed to sit with her father at the poker table though, so she was repeatedly returned to the arcade to run amok unmonitored.


Also that night, 18 year old Jeremy Strohmeyer and his 17-year-old friend David Cash were on a road trip with Jeremy’s father. While on their way to Las Vegas from Long Beach, CA, they decide to stop at the Primadonna and kickstart their weekend of debauchery. They drank, did drugs, and suffered from typical teenage melancholy. Their boredom would eventually lead the teens to explore the casino and the arcade in the Primadonna’s basement.


Around 4am that morning, Jeremy Strohmeyer took special notice of little Sherrice Iverson and enticed her to play a game of hide and seek. He suggested that she hide in a bathroom stall in the women’s restroom. She did, and Jeremy followed her.


Security footage would find that David Cash also entered the women’s restroom, and eventually both men left. Sherrice did not.


The next morning, Sherrice Iverson’s dead body was found carelessly stuffed into a toilet in one of the women’s restroom stalls.


Join Sword and Scale as we interview the detectives who are still emotionally invested in this case 15 years later, as well as the attorneys and Nevada assemblymen who fought to protect the rights of children who are sexually assaulted and to punish those who have seen something, but neglect to say something, when it comes to child abuse.



Host: Mike Boudet (@SwordandScale/@MBoudet)

Creator: Ash Patiño (@AshesToAshTV)

Director: Mark Serao (@Peacemaker_Picture_Society)

Director of Photography: David Patiño (@DavidPatino)

Producer: Dana Serao (@Peacemaker_Picture_Society)

Camera/Audio: Nicholas Goncalves (@NicholasAntonioGoncalves)

Camera/BTS Images: Donald Komondy (@Donald.Komondy)

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