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EP1 | The Park

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In 1990, a group of women meet out at a local hang out “The Park View” bar for a couple beers and one of them goes missing.

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It’s 1990 and a group of women meet out at a local hang out “The Park View” bar for a couple beers and games of pool an activity they have participated in for years. The Park View is a local’s bar situated along a busy highway. The women have made this hang out their own, including the bartenderWanda who seems to know everyone who sits at her bar. On this particular night the women are befriended by a truck driver passing through. They chat about what he is doing in town, where he is headed next, and he seems friendly and engaging with the women as he drinks beer and plays pool with the group of friends.

Soon it is closing time and the group partially disperses, Wanda and one of her good friends Talana decide to grab an early morning breakfast at a local fast food restaurant that is open late. Wanda needs to drop off her girlfriend before she heads to the restaurant. The truck driver is also invited and agrees to take Talana to the meet up. Talana is excited because she has never had the opportunity to ride in a semi truck before.

Wanda arrives at the restaurant and it is closed, she drives around looking for her friend, but without success. Wanda is a bit worried, but assumes that because the restaurant was closed that the truck driver would have dropped Talana off back home.

As dawn crests the horizon, there is still no sign of Talana.

Join the Sword & Scale team as we interview Tab Ballis, the director of “Park View” a film dedicated to Talana and what happened on that cold winter night in February.


Hear from Talana’s friends who were there that evening and who knew and loved her. What impact this horrific crime had on the community and how they have tried to heal.


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